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PCT Plus

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Does this look like someplace you'd like to hike? If you hike the PCT you'll miss it... by four off trail miles.

What is PCT Plus?

PCT Plus is a guide to some of the best backpacking side trips off the PCT. It is aimed at the second time thru hiker or a hiker who is not concerned with being 'true to the thru' or having continuous footsteps. Certainly the trips can be utilized by any weekend or section hiking backpacker as well.

These trips are generally demanding in nature, require navigation skills and confidence traveling off trail, but no terrain more difficult than class 3. Resupply is taken into consideration, as well as getting back to the PCT, but notes on best trailheads for those completing these trips outside of a thru hike will be included as well.

Why? The Cascades are my home, and in the summer months I pass and chat with a lot of thru hikers. I continuously find myself wanting to say to them 'you should see what's just around the corner over there!'. In this day and age where hikers keep getting faster and many people will hike a thru a second time the possibility of making 'whats around the corner' part of their experience more feasible than ever before.

Stay tuned and get involved

Once a month in 2021 I'll post a guide and maps for a PCT Plus trip in the Central to North Cascades. If you're an experienced hiker with specialized knowledge of Southern Oregon or California, feel free to message me and we can expand the reach of PCT Plus.

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