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May 16, 6pm at the Mountain Shop!

May 16 I'll be giving a presentation at The Mountain Shop in Portland! I'll be using the example of a 9 day no resupply trip I took in May 2022 to cover:

  • Tips for getting out in the high desert from November through May

  • Tips for planning a cross country route that is lengthy with no resupply

  • A little bit of gear talk

  • Conservation efforts in these areas (with some help from the Oregon Natural Desert Association)

The trip I'll be covering used a packraft to bop around the Wilderness Study Areas in the northern Owyhee, mixing days of rafting and hiking, til I headed northwest to the seldom traveled Malheur Wilderness Study Areas

You're likely to come away knowing about a whole host of Wilderness Study Areas you were previously unaware of, and inspired to create your own trips! Link below is the google maps address for the Mountain Shop, and a gallery below is a teaser of the trip. Hope to see you there!

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